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Creation Date: 1760/61· Instrumentation: 2 Ob Fg 2 Hr – Str · Duration: 14’ · Created as Symphony #10.
Symphony No. 19 in D major
This symphony, more than any others in this volume, resembles the three-movement 'Morzin' works collected in Volume 1. The opening Allegro molto contrasts a triadic theme striding upward through tonal space with the usual diverse collection of active motives; a tremolo figure first heard during the transition becomes prominent in the development. The Andante, again in the tonic minor, is unusually short even for this type of movement; its most memorable incident is an 'endless' descending scale in parallel tenths underneath a syncopated pedal in octaves. The finale is another conventional-sounding 3/8 Presto, except that the middle section is a 'true', if short, development, and it leads to a double reprise: first to a variant of the main theme in the minor; then to the second theme in the major.
I. Allegro Molto
II. Andante
III. Presto
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Joseph Haydn
The Symphonies

Philharmonia Hungarica
Antal Dorati

33 CDs, aufgenommen 1970 bis 1974, herausgegeben 1996 Decca (Universal)

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Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra
Adam Fischer

33 CDs, aufgenommen 1987 bis 2001, herausgegeben 1996
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Academy of Ancient Music
Christopher Hogwood

10 doppel- und triple-CDs
aufgenommen und herausgegeben 1990 bis 2000
Decca (Universal)

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