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Creation Date: (Mitte) 1763· Instrumentation: 2 Ob Fg 2 Hr – Str · Duration: 24’ · Created as Symphony #29.
Symphony No. 34 in D minor
The autograph of this symphony has not survived and there is nothing in its instrumentation — two oboes, two horns and strings — to point to a particular period. The movement pattern of slow, fast, minuet and fast suggests that it belongs with symphonies Nos 21 and 22 to 1764-1765; on the other hand, the fact that its opening movement is in the minor key suggests a kinship with No. 49 in F minor, known to have been composed in 1768. All four movements of No. 49 are in the minor but in No. 34 the minor is used only for the first movement, a sombre beginning to an otherwise bright work. In the second movement the wide intervals of the opening paragraph, the ensuing unison catch-phrases and the many short solos for oboes and horns show the strong influence, as in No. 29, of opera. The Menuet has a deliciously syncopated trio section and the work concludes with a short three-part presto movement.
I. Adagio
II. Allegro
III. Menuetto e Trio
IV. Presto assai
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Joseph Haydn
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