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Creation Date: 1782 ?· Instrumentation: Fl 2 Ob 2 Fg 2 Hr – Str · Duration: 19’ · Created as Symphony #80.
Hob.I:76 Symphony in E-Flat Major
Symphony No. 76, the first of the trio, which like No. 74 is in E-flat major, contains numerous details which are sure to have delighted both the connoisseur as well as the fan: in the first movement, which is marked by the “drive” of the rolling unison phrases in the strings, the secondary theme sounds “premature” at first, that is, like a consequent in the repetition of the principal theme. At the analogue location in the reprise this is corrected by another contrapuntal “sequence.” Consisting of five parts based on the A-B-A’-C-A”-(Coda) model, the second movement lives entirely from its polarisation between the graceful “A” parts (with their economic use of elements of variation) and the highly animated minor-key episodes in “B” and “C.” The third movement is dominated by a contrast as well: while the minuet is entirely commensurate with “aristocratic taste” – the French spelling “menuet” in the score implies this – the trio melody (in accordance with the terminology of the time) is “German”: thirty years later people will say “Ländler” (rural dance) or already “waltz.” Untypical of Haydn, the finale is a fully executed principal sonata theme in a leisurely tempo: it rises and falls with its ornamental principal theme, which is characterised by numerous grace notes which on the surface lend the movement a playful airiness. The allure is all the greater when in the development the listener is repeatedly confronted with unexpected turns of phrase.
I. Allegro
II. Adagio, Ma Non Troppo
III. Menuetto
IV. Finale, Allegro, Ma Non Troppo
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