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Creation Date: 1761 bis Frühjahr 1762· Instrumentation: 2 Ob Fg 2 Hr – Vl. rinc. Str · Duration: 21’ · Created as Symphony #21.
Symphony No. 36 in E flat major
Like No. 14, this symphony gives many indications of having been composed during Haydn's first Esterhazy years. Its opening movement resembles that of No. 17: not only in its 'neutral' symphonic style, tempo, and meter but in having a similarly long, two-part development with a 'false retransition' (though the development is not as long, nor the joke as obvious, as in No. 17). The Adagio is one of Haydn's most remarkable slow movements; as noted above, it features a duet for solo violin and cello. However, this concertante music is introduced by a forceful, dotted, quasi-recitative gesture in the orchestral strings. As the movement progresses, moreover, this gesture proves to be a vital thematic element, frequently punctuating the soloists in a manner that is not merely rhetorical, but integral to the sonata-form structure.
The minuet features a jaunty dotted upbeat figure, developed in a pointed manner not frequently encountered before the Esterházy period. The trio, in the dominant, is remarkable; it not only suddenly changes from the somewhat conventional style of the first four bars to a sinuous, almost eerie, chromatic idea in bare two-part writing, but anchors this psychological move in the tonal structure by cadencing in the mediant minor, D minor — a unique harmonic reflection of an aesthetic state. The second half is no less remarkable. The finale in 2/4 exhibits the obligatory breathless high spirits, with a striking tremolo piano gesture at the beginning of the second group.
I. Vivace
II. Adagio
III. Menuetto e Trio
IV. Allegro - Presto
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