Haydn100&7 Concerts
The concert event in the Haydn Year 2009

Joseph Haydn bequeathed 107 completely preserved symphonies to us, 107 works of which every single one contributed to the formation and consolidation of the genre of symphony. It is no wonder Joseph Haydn is referred to as the “Father of the Symphony.” In Haydn Year 2009 41 concerts are planned in order to perform all of his symphonies with first-rate orchestras. It is an event of the century: there has never been a Haydn project of such formidable proportions!

The statistics for this concert project for the Haydn Festival in Eisenstadt are impressive: 107 works, 414 individual movements, over 44 hours of music! The incredible number makes the Haydn 100&7 project just as fascinating as it is immense, an unparalleled challenge: in terms of programme, music as well as organisation. 41 concerts are required in order to implement this colossal body of symphonic creation.

All concerts will be performed in the historic Haydn Hall of Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt. Known for its acoustics, this famous concert hall served as a venue for Joseph Haydn for more than 40 years. The best international Haydn interpreters will perform these 100&7 masterpieces in it in Haydn Year 2009. I cordially invite you to join us to experience a few of the concerts.

Dr. Walter Reicher, Intendant
Haydn Festspiele/Haydn2009