107 symphonies are completely preserved from Joseph Haydn, the “Father of the Symphony.” The name haydn107.com was also chosen for this website based on this fact. The homepage is a scholarly but easily comprehensible “information platform,” a location where those interested can easily and extensively familiarise themselves with Haydn’s symphonic works at no charge.

Listen to and explore 100&7 Haydn symphonies.

Visitors have the opportunity to listen to each of the 107 symphonies and each of the 414 movements. At the same time all the necessary background information on the symphonies can be called up to help better understand the respective work.

Users can also compare interpretations, as the symphonies can be heard in recordings by Antal Dorati, Adam Fischer or Christopher Hogwood, as desired. For this we extend our thanks to Universal Music and Brilliant Classic.

The aim was to create a homepage which provides all the relevant facts on the Joseph Haydn’s 107 symphonies for fans, musicians, interpreters as well as for scholars. It is both a webpage for getting acquainted with and studying the material as well as for expanding one’s personal repertoire, scholarly horizons and for the preparation of future concert programmes.

The homepage offers 1100 musical excerpts.

Experience 100&7 Haydn symphonies live in concert.

The homepage also serves as a source of information for the project of the century, 100&7 Haydn Symphonies, realised by the Haydn Festival taking place in Eisenstadt in 2009. ALL symphonies could be experienced live with the best international ensembles in 41 concerts in the historic Haydn Hall at Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt.

This webpage also gives information, when and which of Haydn´s symphony will be presented in concert at the Haydn Festival in the near future.

Immerse yourself and take delight in the wonderful music of Joseph Haydn.

Dr. Walter Reicher, Artistic Director
Haydn Festival